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God & The Universe

A good science fiction movie can stimulate questions of our faith stretching our minds around God’s existence and the universe. Furthermore, it tells us that science fiction, in written and movie form can be cleverly constructed. Further helping us re-imagine theological and philosophical themes in our experiences of enlightening and inspiring our imaginations.

Moreover, the theological discourse of science fiction and themes are not new to us. Whereas this discourse adds to countless discussions with an overload of information out there. And it is this information that is inspired by deep thinkers, philosophers, theologians, mystics, and inventors. I’d like to further add by saying indigenous cultures have also been at the forefront of this since ancient times too. The National Geographic article explores ancient cultures and Aliens: 7 Ancient Sites Some People Think Were Built by Aliens

Furthermore, creative imaginations where the impossible is possible intrinsically shape our world today and will continue to do so. Our world exists today because these kinds of imaginations help us explore ideas and new concepts. What’s more, people continue to be inquisitive, not afraid to ask questions that test ideas and theories. So, this raises the question, how do we imagine God in the mix of science fiction, exploration, and inquisitiveness? Or in contrast, do we agree or disagree with what faith institutions teach and expect of us?

Science Fiction and Theology

Whereas, unfortunately, some people believe they have absolute truth according to faith, traditions, and religious institutions. Further adding their interpretation as doctrine and law. And so, science fiction is about changing the trajectory empowering us of our imagination and thinking outside of the box. By far the last thing I want to do is conform to those faith institutions.

Furthermore, in all audacity, I’d like to encourage us to keep imagining that the impossible is possible. And keep asking those pertinent questions of our belief and faith systems asking those uncomfortable questions of God. In addition, imagining the impossible is possible, questioning God’s existence and place in our faith system. And so, what of this faith system? Even more, how do we think outside of this system and ponder on God’s existence? Similarly, existential questions and theological discourse should ignite and fuel the questions we have of life in general. Questions that empower us to query any system and not sit here led like sheep following the leader blindly. By accepting the truth according to some doctrine or theological oppressive discourse.

Likewise, I love exploring the idea of imagining what questions and answers we may find in this whole discussion. It further raises the thought of how 7 billion people perceive our existence in this universe. When God says ‘let there be light’ what does that say about our view of God. And when God created humanity does that allude to the possibility of extraterrestrial life outside of the universe? And then again what would our faith and religious institutions perceive of this probability?

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