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You’ve often wondered how to develop a project idea that seeks to build an LGBT+ inclusive community.  A blueprint or guideline to bringing your LGBT+ project idea into some type of cohesive framework.  Unfortunately, you don’t know where and how to plan it. Leaving you baffled and second-guessing yourself with doubts. All you know is that you hear the call to working with LGBT+ communities, networks, families and friends.  What motivates you? Is that you are concerned there is a need to nurture and build up communities supporting LGBT+ peoples. 

Scenario & Concept


To help you conceptualize your project I created two scenarios where you can delve into exercising your analytical skills. Creating your blueprint and guideline.  Helping you plan your project idea. These scenarios illustrate a situation where the process of reflection, questioning, planning and thinking about how these projects formulate.  The scenarios are designed to help you assess, evaluate, offer feedback and develop your ideas.   Each scenario here can be separate from each or intrinsically connected in this exercise.  It is up to you to decide how you view and think about them.  Remember these two scenarios are just examples for you to build on. You might like to create your own scenario. It may help you come up with your own concept.

Scenario 1: LGBT+ Ministry Outreach

These scenarios raise questions about processes. Your job is to ask questions. What is the context? What are your experiences? Who are the people you are working with? What resources do you need? Who can help? Who can you consult with? Put on your best analytical skills and delve into the process of action planning your project idea. 

Scenario 2: Pride Parade & Attendance

Project Scenarios Below

Pride Parade

You have a project idea to attend the Pride Parade next month. How do you plant to get there? What is the process in setting up a process of getting there and all the intricate details to get you there. Project planning ideas and processess.

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