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 I watched YouTuber, Tony Guo, talk about his life growing up Asian in the USA. And the discrimination he experienced in life. Juxtaposing growing up to being a successful businessman, PPC and SEO practitioner. Website developer and blogger. And how his experiences in life influenced his world view and business ethic. 


Tony talks about his career, the discrimination of embedded pain, and the dramatic effect on him growing up. And how this affected his sense of self-worth and self-esteem issues. Tony further talks about two marketing strategies, PPC and SEO alongside his story of brokenness depicting a vulnerable individual.

Embedded mother board

Tony’s story became relatable to me because I found someone who could explain a methodology of digital marketing. And yet have a life experience of dealing with a lack of self-worth and esteem while expediting a successful digital marketing career path. His video helped me understand the science behind my blog, content and digital marketing processes. While visualising my own narrative around my blogging career choice I have recently taken on for myself. Turning it into a business from a hobby.

Tony reflects on his passion for something that he loves doing and why.  Whilst dealing with his past pains correlating the hardships of growing up and his work ethic. His video explains that what he loves doing also has an answer to the problems of his past. What turned from bullying and discrimination in life he has now turned that negative energy to building his own successful business.

What the twist is that PPC and SEO thrive on the algorithms and are not affected by the naysayers or bullies out there. No matter the issues and prejudices you might have towards someone, AI regulators do not care about the individual baggage we carry towards each other. PPC and SEO still come off ahead of the digital marketing process and results.


PPC and SEO Boost Your Blog?

What are PPC and SEO?

What are PPC and SEO?  When it comes to boosting traffic to your website, you have two basic options: pay-per-click (PPC) advertising or search engine optimization (SEO). You can pay for traffic using the PPC advertising programs provided by Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and other platforms.

Dispelling the Myth

Dispelling COVID-19 Myth.

As Tony Guo spoke of his story it dispelled what I had assumed of businesspeople fixated on high-profit margins.  Particularly when you measure up his large income stream alongside that of big internet companies like Facebook and Google.  I eventually found a very genuine man with a human and realistic view of life.  I could see that he used and harnessed PPC and SEO digital marketing to redefine his space of worth and work ethic. While repurposing his experiences and stories of the past to where he is now.

Blog Into Business?

Blog is open for Business.

The thought of turning my blog into a business was not the conversation I had with myself back in 2007. When I first started blogging.  Blogging was a hobby and platform to get my sense of identity into the circles I knew at the time. A platform around identity, indigenous and sexuality issues in Asia and the Pacific.  It was a new space for me to write about and gain notoriety and readership.  And although I’m a long way from being a prolific blogger, or an influencer in the world of blogging. What I have to share and talk about what was initially a hobby has dramatically changed in 2021.  

You Belong!

You Belong here.

It has made me realise my blog is forged on the advice of inspiring stories and my sense of faith. That place where I have a sense of belonging and no one can compromise that. And, although I’m not an expert on PPC and SEO, to optimize this into the fabric of my blog.  Watching stories like Tony’s and getting myself into these conversations certainly does help me project my pathway forward. Enabling my blog’s credibility, authenticity, it’s intent and purpose for the rest of the world to engage in. Peace 🙂


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