LGBT+ Economic Development

Emerging Economies

From the experiences and position of grassroots initiatives for LGBT groups and individuals trying to find a sense of your economic realities. Building your project plan for economic success.

It is a conceptualised platform seeking your engagement about money as part of a mechanism to build inclusive communities. It is a step into engaging in the economic narrative of LGBT+ projects towards development and inclusion stimulating emerging economies. Highlighting that narrative which is reflected throughout this blog. Creating a sound economic system putting LGBT+ initiatives on the path to economic independence. Money Talks is to set the scene to develop ideas, systems, projects, networks and economic independency to shape our narrative.
Money talks in hindsight seek an understanding of funding; planning a process that comes with conditions and accountability practices systems. Created and centred around good governance and ensuring that donors and applicants are accountable to each other.
And, yet there are groups, individuals, and organisations that don’t have systems making important contributions to LGBT+ communities. Yet again these organisations don’t have robust policies and systems of accountability. They often face the uncertainty of not knowing how to survive and compete for funding. In a highly competitive world of attracting funding possibilities and avenues
That uncertainty is always the frustrating aspect of looking for funding. Money Talks seeks to help figure out that uncertainty. To, build, or critique, where LGBT+ project ideas and have been prejudiced by unjust systems. And failing to meet donor expectations, standards and practices whatever form or shape that might be. Hindering a new and unique LGBT+ identity, project and vision to come through. Finding new ways to stand out, compete, for funding, encouraging new emerging economies for LGBT+ communities. Getting a foot in the door.

In Money Talks, I will upload scenarios and case studies for us to look at. The post uploads will help us analyse, critique and comment on each scenario and case study. WATCH THIS SPACE!

Report LGBT+ Economic Development

Published by the UCLA Williams Institute – School of Law – 2014

Project Plan & Scenarios Below

Pride Parade

You have a project idea to attend the Pride Parade next month. How do you plant to get there? What is the process in setting up a process of getting there and all the intricate details to get you there. Project planning ideas and processess.

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