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You have an idea to develop a ministry for LGBT+ people. Seeking to be an inclusive church and address sexuality issues.  Sexuality and suicide is a critical issue facing the realities of the Church you attend.  That reality is an imminent conversation in the church. Calling for a process to engage in conversation around sexuality, suicide and other issues.  It is clear on the outset that an inclusive ministry process needs deeper analysis and specialized coordination.  A plethora of questions come to the fore on this topic. A myriad of questions floods your mind and you think about how to create an inclusive ministry. Asking yourself where to start?

Seek Advice

 Your best place might be to seek professional advice and be sensitive and aware of the important details.  You may need to consult with people skilled in identifying the process to help you build your ministry idea.  Ideally skilled in coordinating discussions, hearing thoughts and ideas around this ministry idea.  Seeking people skilled in facilitating group discussions and group dynamics.


  • Church Leaders or Elders
  • Bishops
  • Churches
  • Scripture & Liturgy For Inspiration
  • Canons or policies of your church
  • Counsellors

Remember that sharing your experiences may help you build your ideas. Using these two scenarios to inspire and help you build your project

Good luck with developing your project plan. Please share your thoughts and ideas!

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