Happy Blog-Day!


Today is my birthday and I celebrated it with a blog launch This blog! I had to bring myself up to speed in the world of blogging again. Much has changed and technology moves at lightning speed I had to catch up. Paddy, I was thinking, get with the program, and don’t get left behind. There are millions of successful bloggers out there making an impact in their own way. Keep committing to your blogging dreams. Here I am blogging.


I first started blogging in 2007 in Cambodia. Inspired by successful blogger khmerbird.com. He would prod away on his laptop at a coffee shop alone in his own corner writing away. I’d see him often. He introduced me to the term CLOGGERS on his blog to a unique community of Cambodian bloggers. It always fascinated me, CLOGGERS made me think of my grandfather who had a pair of clogs in his cowshed. I’d smile hearing this term thinking of his red clogs and Irish dancing while milking our grandfather’s cows.


WordPress helped me get my blogging chops on. I had to teach myself to blog using the WordPress platform enabling me to get my voice out there and have my say. I made many mistakes and failures along the way. If there was a WordPress university and course available for free I’d pack up and go! Call me WordPress.

It’s your world

Blogging is not a difficult thing if you have something to say and share. Some people have a knack for writing online content drawing us into their world. Your world is important to share with us, give it a go. Don’t give up and keep plodding away at it as many others do and have your say. Jennifer Hudson, one of my favorite R&B artists agrees and says ‘It’s Your World so start your blog.


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