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Dear everyone!

It has been a while since I’ve put an entry into my blog journal.  No excuses but I’ve been busy and winter isn’t too good for my health at the moment. Slowing down my motivational energies.  But alas the weather is changing and we are slowly moving into the summer.  Our days are longer and the sun doesn’t set until about 8 pm-ish. And after completing my course assignments, I can write a brief update on what’s been happening with me.

Presentation & Business Plan For Blog

Photo by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash

Earlier I did a presentation to Work-Bridge and Work & Income around the development and direction of my blog. Turning it from a hobby into a business.  They were able to advise me on what I need to work on to take my blog from a hobby into a business project. Looking at the following ideas:

  • Write a Business Plan:
    • Illustrating a clear direction and a sustainable income stream revenue strategy around ecommerce, email subscriptions, google AdSense, sponsorship, and investing ventures.
    • Looking at what is that that I want to achieve within 3 years and beyond. Turning my blog into a 10-year media production.
    • Looking the steps, I need to take to achieve this business plan.

Registered Business To NZBN – Sole Trader

In February earlier this year, I registered my blog as an official business with the NZB as a sole trader status, self-employed business owner.  So that it be part of a database network of businesses within NZ.  This is a good database to do searches on businesses on our business goals particularly around blogs in NZ. During my meeting with the Work Bridge consultant, this will make my business official as a legally registered business. Check out the database search option and you’ll find blogs registered as a business in NZ.

Blogging & Podcasting Course – Learning Cloud NZ

From April – May I completed a blogging and podcasting course for beginners with Learning Cloud NZ. Much of the content in this course I knew already but it was good to do a refresher in some of the components of blogging particularly with WordPress and hosting. I’m yet to practice the podcasting systems. I spoke to some friends who have access to a podcasting studio and system. I want to be able to podcast 15-minute chats and interview people each month on specific issues to stream in my blog, Spotify and other platforms.

Grow Digital Funding – $2000 NZD

I received funding from Grow Digital NZ of $2000 to enable me to pay for a 2-year hosting package (Managed Virtual Private Server – Storage 75GB, 4GB Ram and 4 vCPU Core Free SSL) for two years of hosting. Kajan was able to help look for discounts and set me up with hosting and a security package. Some of you will know Kajan who hosted our old website with the Interfaith Cooperation Forum in Cambodia. Kajan is the IT brains behind my blog and our partnership. Kajan and I are working on a partnership project together.

The hosting package Kajan found gives us the ability to sell 10GB memory bundles for people who want to start their own blogs or websites. We started a new business partnership called GoSetup NZ. We will look at website developing, hosting, design, and application software. Watch this space as more information will come through as we develop our project.

My Tech Boost from Gow Digital

Also, Grow Digital brought me extra office tech, a laptop (HP PROBOOK). So, I managed to pimp-out my office. Thank you, Grow Digital NZ, for the funding and help!! With the new laptop, I’m in tech heaven. I’ve always loved learning anything tech. That’s the nerd coming out in me 🙂

New Zealand Certificate in Business (Small Business) Level 4 – E-Campus

I enrolled with the Eastern Institute of Technology (EIT) doing NZ Cert in Business (Small Business) Level 4 on the E-Campus Platform. It is a free course comprised of 4 subjects: (1) Planning & Finance; (2) Marketing; (3) Business Environment; (4) Business Resources. Each subject comprising of 10 weeks of study time with three assessments and course work. I just completed My first subject in Planning & Finance. That was ten intense weeks of study. But it was really challenging. I’m beginning to envisage my blog taking shape in business development. I have a two-week break until the next subject starts (Marketing). The goal of this course is to help me build my business plan to turn my blog into a full-on business.


Finally, there is more to write about, but I’ll put that into some of the content of this blog. And I’ll try to share more ideas I have for the blog. I’m looking at an ad-hoc support group for me to reflect with, so I’ll keep you all posted on how that goes. I have some people in mind but I’m still reflecting on this and write to them later. I’ll try to be more consistent with my postings too. I’m working on a blog content management system so that I can streamline my content more and be a little more focused. Anyway. PEACE AND LOVE EVERYONE Watch this space. I’LL BE BACK!


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